The happiest people don’t bother about whether life is unfair. They just concentrate on what they have.

-Andrew Matthews

For many people right now, this is a very unsettling time.  We don’t know what the next few weeks or next few months might bring to us.  So much is out of our control right now.  However, it is important that we don’t allow ourselves to fall down the rabbit hole and dwell on everything that seems negative.  This will not help us in any way.  We must focus on what brings us joy and what brings us gratitude.

If you have some free time, even just a few hours a week, considering taking Yale’s incredibly popular course, The Science of Well-Being.  This course has been around for a few years.  Dr. Santos, a Yale psychology professor, developed this course as college student mental health continued to decline over the past few years.  Something I know much about, having worked in higher ed for 11 years as a professor and former counseling center director.  The course was initially called Psychology and the Good Life, and educated students about the psychology and neuroscience of happiness.

Two years ago, the class went online.  While it was free to audit, in order to complete assignments and receive a certificate, there was an enrollment fee of $49.  But, given the pandemic we are experiencing the course is now available for FREE and begins today!  Don’t worry, you can do the work at your own pace.  So, if you have some downtime and need a mood boost, consider enrolling.  Let me know what you think!

To enroll click here.