Mental Health Counseling

NY – in-person and telehealth
PA – telehealth

Dr. Spiegelhoff  & Associates offers individual, couples, and family counseling services to children (10+), adolescents, and adults. Dr. Spiegehoff describes her style of counseling as integrative mental health, utilizing her research and training in wellness and integrative health. Specific to mental health, Dr. Spiegelhoff practices insight-oriented counseling, which places emphasis on personal discovery, discernment of significant life events, and how to empower the self to be an agent of change.

One of Dr. Spiegelhoff’s greatest interests is to help clients discover how to live the life they dream about by developing personalized wellness plans that will allow them to flourish and achieve sustainable success. Through her experience as a counselor, college professor, and researcher, she evaluates clients’ concerns from a holistic perspective in order to help them improve their overall wellbeing.  Associate counselors are supervised by Dr. Spiegelhoff, and receive training in integrative mental health to ensure analogous treatment.

Dr. Spiegelhoff and the Associate Counselors treat clients with a variety of issues and communities, including, but not limited to:

• Integrative Mental Health & Holistic Wellness
• College Student Mental Health
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress Management
• Performance
• Relationship Issues
• Family Conflict
• Parental Mental Illness
• Life Transitions
• Bipolar Disorder
• Personality Disorders
• Trauma
• Chronic Pain
• Grief
• Spiritual Transitions


Offering ecotherapy through mid-fall 2022.

Let nature serve as your co-therapist.  Ecotherapy, a nature-based treatment, is a great way to boost mental and physical health. Research has found that spending time in nature helps decrease anger, increase positive emotions, reduce stress, display fewer symptoms of ADHD, reduce depressive symptoms, and reduce anxiety.

For clients interested, nature walks are now available in place of sessions at the office. These sessions consist of walks along the Camillus Erie Canal Park. Clients may also request meditation, including guided mindful forest walks and insight meditation. These sessions are less formal and more relaxed than in-office sessions since we are in a public setting.

Ecotherapy sessions are limited and only available at the end of the workday, so please schedule in advance. All sessions are dependent on the weather. If a session cannot take place due to inclement weather, we will meet at the office.

Integrative Health Assessment and Consultation

Separate from mental health counseling, Dr. Spiegelhoff offers a 2.5 hour comprehensive integrative health assessment and consultation. You will beasked to complete assessments for review prior to your 1.5 hour meeting. In this assessment, Dr. Spiegelhoff will assess your physical and mental health history, provide psychoeducation about integrative health care (e.g., nutrition and supplementation, sleep, physical activity, and complementary medicine). You will develop an initial treatment plan and receive recommendations for future treatment. Clients may continue to receive consultation through 1-hour consultation appointments or mental health counseling

Corporate Wellness Consultation for Executives and Professionals

Dr. Spiegelhoff provides on-site wellness assessment and consultation to professionals at their office. The initial appointment will consist of client needs, treatment plan, and treatment recommendations. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled.

Speaking Engagements and Educational Instruction

Dr. Spiegelhoff offers speaking engagements and educational instruction on holistic wellness, women’s wellness, work-life wellness, college admission preparation, and other mental health topics.


For more information or to schedule a service, please contact Dr. Spiegelhoff or visit the FAQ page.  For specific information about session fees, please refer to the billing page.