Integrative Mental Health Counseling

Offering clients a patient-centered partnership, to support and empower them in making informed choices about their overall mental health and wellness.

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Counseling and Wellness Services

Dr. Spiegelhoff & Associates offers individual, couples, and family counseling services to children (10+), adolescents, and adults.  Our counseling is insight-oriented and integrative mental health.  For more information about counseling services, see the FAQ page.

female therapist psychotherapist counselor mental health counselor

About Me

Dr. Spiegelhoff is the owner of Dr. Spiegelhoff & Associates and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the graduate counseling program at SUNY Oswego.  For more information about Dr. Spiegelhoff and the Associate Counselors,
see the About page.

Optimum Wellness

Speaking Engagements


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”

– CG Jung

September Self-Care

September Self-Care

By Mackenzie Mannion We’re all aware of one of the newest buzzwords to flood our social media; self-care. Oxford Languages defines self-care as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” Self-care acts can, should, and will mean something...

Men’s & Boy’s Mental Health

Men’s & Boy’s Mental Health

You may have heard in recent news articles about the crisis of boys and men. There are data from various fields that boys and men are facing a mental health crisis that has gone unaddressed for decades¹. This shows up in increased suicide rates for men, violence...


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